Autumn trends 2019

As the first days of autumn slowly unfold and the colours of nature start to turn, autumn mood is spreading. In the world of fashion too, the colder season will be far from dull and grey. Contrasting colours and creative combinations of different fabrics will continue to be popular.

Womenswear Autumn trends

Pleats, metallics and hairy surfaces, especially fake fur, are still among the big favourites, while elegance and wide silhouettes maintain their dominance in the world of womenswear. From swinging culottes to oversized pullovers and coats, it simply cannot be big enough.

check autumn trends 2019

Whether in combination with simple or sporty everyday looks, animal prints such as snake, leo and zebra will be peppering the coming autumn with an exciting mix of elegance and coolness. In the course of increased environmental awareness and animal welfare, fake fur is also a very popular material. Thanks to latest production technologies, this artificial alternative is no longer a cheap plastic copy of animal fur and feels deceptively real.

Check? Check! Whether woven, knitted, printed or embroidered. While checks in 2017 tended to appear in grey and blue tones, 2018 was again a bit more colourful. This trend will stay strong in 2019, although without any new twists.

It stays precious. Many designers will also be using metallic fabrics in 2019 to conjure up some glamour in their collections. From shiny metallic nuances to holographic effects, there are no holds barred. And the best part is that we no longer need a special occasion to make a brilliant impression. Metallic elements also fit perfectly when combined with casual streetwear.

Menswear Autumn trends

Many tendencies, many options. But the focus is on sustainable, natural fabrics that combine functionality with added value. However, there is also a demand for light weight fabrics, comfort and flexibility in all product groups. Jersey, wool and stretch fabrics are also on the agenda of many renowned designers, especially for trousers, casual jackets and suits.

light fabrics autumn trends 2019From the old gentleman classic to a fashionable must-have. As a natural material, corduroy once again picks up the coming autumn mood. However, the cord ribs are more distinctive and wider than before. In particular, jackets and blousons in combination with lambskin or teddy lining, will become an absolute key piece. The cult material will be updated especially with a great variety of colours ranging from blue to red and green.

Contrasts are allowed. Sportswear fabrics will meet finest materials. What’s new will be motifs from orbit and racing as well as slightly shimmering technical materials, especially for blousons and warmer outerwear. At the same time, 3D effects and structures will create greater depth and brilliance.

CordDenimDenim is not only authentic but also remains diverse. For autumn 2019, you will see lots of rich and dark denim, but not too fluent. Apart from the classic ‘denim blue’, grey and olive tones complement the colour spectrum of the coming season. Trucker and work shirts with eye-catching pockets on the chest will also receive a stylish update, thereby finally getting the attention they deserve. The main thing is that they are masculine.

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