Safety and function first – sewing technological processing of airbags

When an airbag is triggered, it is usually a matter of life or death. The material is exposed to the highest stresses. The same applies to the thread used to sew the airbag.

Processing airbag threads

Since airbag threads have to endure a lot in case of an emergency, superior functionality and safety in accordance with the performance standards prescribed are among the highest priorities. The claim to precision is immense. This applies not only to the materials used, but also to the processing. The biggest challenge for airbag threads is the multidirectional sewing of multiple, very dense fabric layers, whereby the sewing thread should not become untwisted – this also applies when using two-needle machines. A&E Gütermann is there for you to provide expert solutions with a diverse range of highly reliable airbag threads as the problem solver.


To manufacture a perfect airbag seam, usually a bonded sewing thread is used as the needle thread and an unbonded sewing thread as the looper thread. The needle thread has to be sewn through the dense and multi layered airbag fabric, which creates friction. Due to the multidirectional sewing process and the high stress, the bonding prevents the thread from untwisting.

Bonded sewing threads remain sealed and prevent the hook tip from tearing them. They also form an ideal pear-shaped loop, which ensures a perfect stitch pattern. The two bonding options offered by A&E Gütermann – inner and outer bonding – differ as follows:

airbag seam solutions from a&e gütermann



Comparison bonding options: inner bonded and outer bonded


Our product solutions

Our products are the result of precisely controlled production processes that comply with the highest standards. The result? Our bondings as well as the finishing and winding are perfectly uniform - because these are decisive factors for optimum processing and obtaining a perfect seam. Besides, our airbag threads convince through their high breaking strength and excellent elongation as well as through their exceptionally reliable thermal resilience.

      Airbag product solutions

      Part of our wide range of products also include sewing threads that are perfect for construction or assembly seams and that are ideal for use as rupture seams and basting threads:

        Mara 220 Skala 360 T162
      Construction Core spun Continous filament, bonded Continous filament
      dtex 130(1) 80(1) 160(2)
      Elongation ᴓ 15% (13% - 17%) ᴓ 19% (16% - 22%) ᴓ 19% (16% - 22%)
      Breaking strength ᴓ 470 cN ᴓ 510 cN ᴓ 960 cN

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      » Safety first!

      Our sewing threads are absolutely safe in processing and in their application.

      The following certificates attest to the precise interaction of quality, environmental and production standards at A&E Gütermann:Automotive Certificates

      Besides, A&E Gütermann ensures that its product sites in Germany, Spain and Slovenia comply with the following legal regulations:

      • EU Chemicals Regulation REACH
      • Workplace Ordinance
      • Operational Premises Ordinance
      • Wastewater Ordinance