Mara 100 rPET Notice

For sustainable seams

For fixing and joining seams of fine and medium-grade clothes and knitted fabrics. Also for swimwear, lightweight sports and leisure clothing.


No. Length No./Tkt. tex dtex
723983 1.000,00 m 100 30 300(2)

Product Advantages

  • Fine cross-section for a extreme seam softness
  • Very high tensile strength and wear resistance for durable seams
  • Drastic reduction of dust deposits on machine components
  • Sewability with constant sewing tensions due to round, even cross-section
  • No fibre fly and no abrasion

(Raw) Material

100% polyester recycled


Thread construction

MCT® (Micro Core Technology)

Needle size

NM 70-80 / 10-12

Care instructions