For raised decorative seams

100% polyester

Anebraid is a braided continous filament of 100% polyester which is primarily used for raised decorative seams on leather goods, shoes and upholstery. This sewing thread is available in L (= lubricated, for machine sewing) or in WX (= fully waxed, for hand stitching).
Automotive: Braided threads are also increasingly being used to manually sew steering wheels or shift knobs. With the fully waxed version WX can create aesthetically pleasing and functional heavy-duty seams.
Product Advantages:
  • good thermal tolerance thanks to heat-repellent preparation
  • L = lubricated, for machine sewing
  • WX = fully waxed, for hand stitching
  • raised decorative seams on leather goods and shoes
  • upholstered furniture
Anebraid assortment

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