For heavy-duty seams

polyester / cotton  

D-Core® is a core spun thread with a polyester core and a cotton wrap which is primarily used for closing and top-stitched seams as well as for decorative seams for applications such as Denim or workwear. Due to the polyester core, this sewing thread has a higher tear resistance compared to traditional cotton threads. The cotton wrap, however, ensures that the needle cools down faster and that the sewing thread can be sewn even at high speeds. D-Core® can also be used for special post-treatment processes. To achieve the perfect ‘used’ look, D-Core® is also available with a special indigo dye.

Product Advantages:

  • available with a dyed cotton spun over
  • withstands high needle temperatures when sewing at high speeds
  • thanks to its polyester core, higher rub resistance compared to
    pure cotton threads
  • suitable for multidirectional sewing


  • Denim / Workwear / Clothing subjected to enzymatic and chemical treatments
  • well suited for post-treatment processes such as "stone washed"

DenimProduct Advantages for Denim:

  • can be sewn even at high speeds
  • for the perfect "wash-down look"
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