For overlock seams

100% polyester  

We have very special solutions for particularly soft overlock and overedging seams: specially finished, textured sewing threads, the so-called 'Bauschgarne'. Gütermann E is a textured sewing thread of 100% polyester which is perfectly suited for light and medium fabrics.

Product Advantages:

  • extremely soft, covering seams
  • good cutting edge coverage
  • excellent sewability on serging machines
  • suitable as needle and looper thread
  • highest sewing reliability on high-speed machines
  • no seam marks
  • for overlock and overedging seams
  • for light and medium fabrics
  • suitable as a looper and cover thread for swimwear and corsets
  • knitted goods
  • home textiles
Gütermann E assortment

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