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100% polyester / Micro Core Technology®  

Mara for perfect seams
Fashion meets function: In today’s world, clothing has to simultaneously fulfil many requirements in relation to its look, shape, functionality and comfort. Whether through our broad range of colours and thread thicknesses, from almost invisible to extra thick, or our ability to meet special requirements with regard to the delicacy and lustre, breaking strength and abrasion resistance, softness or high elasticity of the seam, we offer you the perfect threads for your every need. The Mara product range with unique Micro Core Technology® is a true highlight. Unlike conventionally spun yarns, these high-tech threads offer complete uniformity, silky shine and low hairiness as well as optimum sewability.

Product Advantages:

  • unique production technology with MCT®
  • particularly shiny with a silk-like sheen
  • extremely rub and abrasion resistant
  • fine cross-section for particularly smooth seams
  • dust and lint-free in processing
  • outstandingly uniform seams
  • universally applicable
Mara is universally applicable and, depending on the thread count, is suitable for a wide variety of applications in apparel as well as for shoes and leather goods. Whether for high-quality closing, holding, decorative, buttonhole or overlock seams - Mara always means the perfect seam solution. Discover the versatile application areas and receive specific seam recommendations:
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