For 100% recycled seams

100% polyester, recycled

Be responsible for the environment – conserve natural resources! Mara rPET is a special sewing thread from A&E Gütermann made of 100% recycled polyester. The raw material for this environmentally-friendly thread is provided by recycled beverage bottles made of 100% PET. The collected PET bottles are washed in different stages, shredded into flakes and melted. The microfilaments obtained are the basis for the Mara rPET product range made with our unique Micro Core Technology®. Unlike conventionally spun yarns, these high-tech threads offer complete uniformity, sliky shine and low hairiness as well as optimum sewability.

Product Advantages:

  • unique production technology with MCT®
  • made from recycled PET bottles
  • fine cross section for especially smooth seams
  • sewable with constant thread tension
  • dust and lint-free during sewing operation
Mara rPET impresses with excellent closing and holding seams performance as well as decorative and top-stitched seams and is used for fine, medium and heavy weight fabrics for Apparel, Leather goods and upholstered furniture. 

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