For highly elastic seams

100% polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)  

Maraflex for highly elastic seams
Used as a needle and looper thread, Maraflex offers the plus in elasticity. Manufactured with our unique Micro Core Technology®, this sewing thread goes along with every movement. Optimize your thread consumption with Maraflex and get beautiful, stretchable closing and decorative seams without compromise between seam design and quality. Maraflex unfolds its full elasticity even at low stitch densities with double lockstitch. Thanks to its high self-elongation, this special thread is ideal for highly elastic medium to fine weight fabrics in Apparel such as Activewear, underwear and swimwear as well as for seams in shoes and leather goods.

Product Advantages:

  • extraordinary elasticity
  • smooth, pucker-free appearance
  • should be used as needle and looper thread for achieving
    an optimal elasticity
  • ideal for double lockstitch
  • excellent sewability

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Maraflex for highly elastic seams
Maraflex highly elastic thread breeches
Maraflex highly elastic seams
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