For flame-retardant seams

100% polyester  

Workwear and protective wear require a great flexibility of functional solutions. Highest demands are placed on the sewing thread which must be equipped to deal with all kinds of strains. The main focus is especially on excellent sewability characteristics, rub and abrasion resistance as well as on heat resistance.
Perma Core® FR is a core spun of 100% polyester which due to its special finishing being applied within the dyeing process provides an outstanding permanent flame protection and limited flame spread. The treatment creates an inherent effect which means that the flame-retardant finish even withstands frequent washing, usage and ageing.
After removing the flame source, Perma Core® FR  will extinguish itself. At the same time, this special sewing thread stands out by its very good chemical resistance to alkaline media. Perma Core® FR is certified according to DIN EN ISO 15025:2003-02 and thus ideally suited for clothing applications that must meet the EN 469, EN 11612, EN 11611 and EN 14116 standards.

The standards mentioned above stand for the following audits:
  • EN 469: protective clothing for fire fighting (fire bigade)
  • EN 11612: protective clothing for workers exposed to heat and flames (not including welders and firefighters)
  • EN 11611: protective clothing for welding and related activities
  • EN 14116: materials, combinations of materials and protective clothing with limited flame spread

Product Advantages:

  • rub- and abrasion resistant
  • suitable for multi-directional sewing
  • suitable for low tension sewing
  • suitable for automatic sewing machines
  • flame retardant finish
  • melting point at 250°C
The fields of application for Perma Core® FR are varied and range from workwear and military clothing to special protective wear for firefighters, the police, the pharmaceutical industry or for racing. Perma Core® FR could be also a reasonable alternative to aramid threads like Gütermann K or Anesafe when polyester as raw material is suitable, too.
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