For particularly fine seams

100% polyester  

Perma Core® Ultimate is an exceptionally fine sewing thread, predestined for use in light-weight and fine fabrics such as shirts, blouses and underwear. Its fineness helps to prevent certain types of seam puckering such as tension and displacement puckering. But Perma Core® Ultimate does not only reduce the risk of seam puckering, it increases as well the wearing comfort and creates the perfect look by harmoniously adapting itself to the light, flowing drape of fine clothing items.

Product Advantages:

  • very smooth surface due to compactly spun thread construction
  • ideal for delicate fabrics
  • reduction of seam puckering through the use of finer sewing needles and minimum tension settings
  • excellent friction values
  • suitable for use with automatic sewing machines


  • shirts and blouses
  • fine fabrics
  • underwear and corsets
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