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Find the right A&E Gütermann sewing thread for your application by selecting the appropriate category you'd like to start with in the product finder below:
  • Applications: Determine for which application you are looking for a sewing thread, e.g. Apparel or Automotive.
  • Brands: You already know the brand you are looking for? Then select the category "brands" and directly get to the related product range.
  • (Raw) Material: Are you looking for a sewing thread made out of e.g. polyester or polyamide? Then choosing this category would be the right approach.
  • Thread construction: Are you having a certain requirement regarding the thread construction? Then your search should begin here.
  • Properties: Which sewing thread properties are important to you? - e.g. water-reppelent, flame-retarding or silicone-free? Then you should select this category.

For a specific search, we recommend to select several categories at the same time.

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