Whether trend shades, product catalogue, segment brochures, seam competence leaflets or certificates.
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Thread Guide
Thread Guide

To professional seams: Our Thread Guide has the right thread for every seam. Discover our diverse range of products.

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Image Brochure
Image Brochure

Seams unlimited – A strong connection for your applications: For more than 275 years A&E Gütermann has stood for tradition and innovation. As a globally operating company, A&E Gütermann is active in a wide variety of areas.

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Elevate Textiles
Elevate Textiles Brochure

Taking textiles to a whole new level: A&E Gütermann, a part of Elevate Textiles, Inc.

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Sustainability Report

We strive continously to improve our performance in key areas of environmental sustainability, while acting transparently and ethically. We annually document our progress in our Sustainability Report.

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Ladies wear leaflet
Ladies wear leaflet

Elegant seams for breath-taking moments: We are talking about elegance, by which we mean: the totally harmonious interplay of many different facets. This also applies to Ladies Wear.

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Menswear leaflet
Menswear leaflet

Style-assured seams for a confident entrance: When everything has to fit like a glove, you can rely on the Men's Wear sewing thread solutions of A&E Gütermann.

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Shoes & Leather leaflet
Shoes & Leather leaflet

Concise seams for lasting impressions: Natural and timeless for perfect seams on leather.

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MCT leaflet thread technology
MCT leaflet

Micro Core Technology®: Threads for most beautiful seams

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Denim Seam Competence leaflet
Denim - strong threads for a strong fabric

Denim is allowed to live and become damaged. But the seams must hold. Our denim threads are therefore highly robust.

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Downs Seam Competence leaflet
Downs - fine threads for light fillings

When it comes to down jackets, the perfect seam is critically important. Only the right sewing thread can prevent feathers and down from migrating out through the seam. A&E Gütermann offers special solutions for this.

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PSA / Workwear Seam Competence leaflet
PSA / Workwear - functional threads for more safety

More than anything else, work and protective apparel must be hard-wearing. Only the perfect seam withstands the toughest requirements.

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Filter - special sewing threads for extreme conditions

Sewing threads have to withstand a lot when used for filtering. Our special sewing threads are therefore optimised for the toughest conditions.

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Garment Dyeing Seam Competence leaflet
Garment Dyeing - colour up your life

Fashion and colour trends are difficult to program. Trends are developing at an ever faster rate and often the fashion colours forecast do not match actual demand.

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Mara Seam Competence leaflet
Keep your seams elastic - Mara

Elastic seams continue to prove a major challenge for fabric related manufacturers. The design, processing and machinery are dimensioned for fabrics which are not or are only slightly stretchable.

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Maraflex Seam Competence leaflet
Flexible to the smallest seam - Maraflex

With Maraflex you optimise your thread consumption and obtain nice, elastic seams.

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Leather Seams Seam Competence leaflet
Strong threads for decorative leather seams

The quality of leather goods, cushions, shoes, bags and accessories can be seen in the manufacturing process. Decorative seams play an extremely important role in the appearance and performance of the finished product.

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Solbond & Calora UV Seam Competence leaflet
Holding out against wind and weather - Solbond & Calora UV

Wind and weather make the highest demands of the longevity of sewn seams. Durability and wear resistance are paramount in outdoor products in particular.

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Mara WA Seam Competence leaflet
Optimal for sealed seams - Mara WA

Outdoor applications are at the mercy of the rain and damp. So the weakest point, namely the seam, must be up to the job of keeping the water out.

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Trend shades

We regularly put together the trend shades for you that are perfect for the current season and that are state-of-the-art. A great inspiration for you and your applications! Discover the fashionable views for Spring / Summer 2020 and for Autumn / Winter 2020/21.

Trend shades Spring/Summer 2020 / 572.67 kB
Trend shades Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 / 100.92 kB
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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IATF 16949:2016 certificate
IATF 16949:2016 Certificate

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Declaration of compliance quality-, safety- and environmental standards
Declaration of compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards

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ISO 50001 Certificate

REACH confirmation letter
REACH Confirmation Letter

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SEDEX/SMETA Zertifikat
SEDEX/SMETA Certificate: Ethical Conformity

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