Sewing is one of the first techniques humans developed. Joining fabrics together with a needle and thread to create a piece of clothing has principally never changed. But, of course, the technology has developed and improved over time. Nowadays sewing is much more than just connecting fabrics. And the seam, it’s functional, but it needs to be suitable at the same time.
The seam can be for example silky, water-repellent, smooth or dirt-resistant, but also matt or UV-resistant. By using the ideal equipment these threads are well sewable and functional convincing. Whatever you require from your seam - almost anything is possible.


Anybody can sew, however, sewing properly is far more than threading a needle through a piece of fabric. The type of stitch, stitch density, sewing speed, machine tension, tensile strength and thread elongation, the equipment and much more, it has to be professionally adjusted and observed in order to achieve a perfect result.

The goal of our three global Seam Competence Centers is to optimize and pass on complex and complicated sewing techniques. This includes testing new threads under extreme conditions as well as determining the optimum machine settings for certain threads, thread positions and textiles. Over the years, our Seam Competence Centers have created a large knowledge pool, which we use to the benefit of our customers.


Customized seam solutions for our customers: With our team of experienced sewing technicians, we develop special seam solutions and offer an on-site technical service which will advise you competently and individually.
Our analysis tools Anecalc and Anetrak allow an exact calculation of thread consumption and sewing performance. In addition, we offer a wide range of technical support in our seam competence leaflets.
If you have any technical questions, please contact: naehtechnik@guetermann.com or via our contact form.