A sewing thread is not just a sewing thread. Yarns are manufactured using a wide variety of raw and other materials. As a result, there are many different sewing thread technologies since every sewing application requires the right thread. We have even had a significant influence on the production of many of them. Below, please find an overview of the most important sewing thread technologies:
A&E Gütermann has decisively shaped many thread technologies

MICRO CORE TECHNOLOGY® (MCT): Innovation in thread manufacturing

The MCT production process developed by Gütermann cannot be compared with any existing thread technology. It is the first core spun technology based on microfilament polyester for premium quality yarns which also offer optimum process reliability. The result? Highly even and smooth seams with an extraordinarily fine cross-section and a silk-like sheen. The surface texture of our MCT threads consist of loops, known as micro loops. MCT threads also have a high mechanical load capacity and are absolutely safe for use with automatic sewing machines.

Our products: Mara, Maraflex, Mara rPET

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Core spun threads consist of a core thread which makes the sewing thread robust and a wrap which gives the thread its characteristic textile texture. This texture is typically given by the hairy and thus matt appearance. Core spun threads are usually made of a single material. However, there are also mixed threads which consist, for example, of a polyester core and a cotton wrap. An advantage of these polyester-cotton threads is the cotton wrap. It enables the needle to cool down more quickly and the sewing thread itself to be sewn at high speeds.

Our product range: Perma Core ®, D-Core ®, D-Core ® RFD

Compactly spun threads are the premium version among core spun threads and are produced using the compact spinning method. Thanks to this method, the thread has a more even thread cross-section than standard core spun threads and can be sewn using finer needles. Compactly spun threads are therefore perfect for the production of fine garments such as blouses or shirts.

Our product range: Perma Core ® Ultimate

Continuous filaments consist of at least one or more twisted single yarns. They are particularly appealing for their smooth and shiny appearance.

Our product range: Tera, Filan, Amifil, Zwibond, Solbond among others

Spun threads are made of staple threads. They are very hairy and have a matte surface. They are ideal for many different applications where the seams are not exposed to high stress.

Our product range: Perma Spun

Texturised threads, also often referred to as 'bulk yarns', are filament yarns which due to mechanical treatment acquire a crimp structure (texture) and thus a voluminous character. As a result, the thread is softer to the touch and ideal for seams that are in direct contact with the skin.

Our product range: Gütermann E, Wildcat Plus®