There are plenty of sewing thread technologies. For any sewing application, it is necessary to use an appropriate thread. A&E Gütermann masters them all. Many technologies on the market today have been decisively shaped by us. We would like to introduce you to the most important ones below:
  • Micro Core Technology® (MCT): The innovation in thread production
  • Core spun thread
  • Continuous filament
  • Spun thread
  • Texturized thread
A&E Gütermann has decisively shaped many thread technologies
The A&E Gütermann innovation for top quality sewing threads that provide the greatest processing reliability. Our unique microfilament polyester-based core-spun technology ensures a uniform, lustrous appearance: sewing threads that always leave a lasting impression.
MCT threads are produced from raw material which is technically precise in definition. This results in threads of an equally uniform and precise diameter, without fluctuation in thickness. An important difference, which pay dividends: MCT threads can be processed at constant sewing thread tension levels. they possess even sliding properties and create an impressive impact with a completely even seam and stitch appearance. Brilliant.
Unavoidably, conventional core spun threads involve the ends of fibres escaping from the main body of the thread, creating a hairy appearance. MCT fibres are different because they are the only core spun threads made of filaments which are drawn through the thread without interruption. The textile surface character is made up of micro loops.
This gives MCT threads a greater mechanical resistance to stress, a unique degree of uniformity and a silky gloss - created as the light is concentrated by the finely structured surface and reflected in one direction.
Our product range: Mara, Maraflex, Mara rPET

Smoother, finer, shinier – the eight MCT-advantages at a glance

More robust

  • no fraying out
  • resistant to alkaline and basic washing enzymes
  • temperature-resistant


  • no abrasion
  • no fiber deposit on material or machine


  • threads are finer, visible in cross section

Kinder to the environment

  • better energy efficiency due to Micro Core Technology®
  • fewer CO2 emissions
  • minimal textile production waste

More uniform

  • no thin or thick places
  • enhanced anti-friction properties and uniformity of the seam
  • absolutely reliable on automatic sewing machines


  • surface bundles and reflects light consistently in one direction
  • particularly shiny with a silk-like sheen


  • no loose fibre ends


  • micro-loops around the thread core
  • crosswise elastic and flexible

>> MCT leaflet: Download PDF / 703 KB

Core-spun threads consist of a core thread that provides the strength and an outer winding thread that creates the textile optics and touch. Most core spun threads are made from a single material, polyester core with a polyester wrap. However, blends are also available, threads for example manufactured with a polyester core and a cotton winding.
Our product range: Perma Core ®, D-Core ®, D-Core ® RFD

Spun yarns, which are produced by a compact spinning method, which generally have a very small diameter. Similar to standard spun threads, they consist of a filament core and is wound with spun fibers. Due to their specific fineness, they are best suited for sewing very fine fabrics.
Our product range: Perma Core ® Ultimate

Continous filament yarns consisting of at least two twisted single yarns. Endless threads that are widely recognized as being smooth, with a technically shiny surface.
Our product range: Tera, Filan, Amifil, Zwibond, Solbond among others

Spun thread: Sewing thread made of staple fibers generally with lower strength. Spun yarns usually have thicker and thinner areas, which may influence the sewing performance and impair the seam optics.
Our product range: Perma Spun

Texturized thread: A multi-filament yarn which is given a soft surface character with increased volume by using a mechanical treatment known as false-twist texturing. Textured sewing threads are particularly suitable for serging seams.
Our product range: Gütermann E, Wildcat Plus®