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Thread thickness is expressed in a wide variety of measurement units and numbering systems. Common to them all is that they give the weight of the thread over a defined length. The most important international systems for numbering sewing threads are:
Thread Weight in tex
The tex count tells us how many grams 1.000 m of a single yarn weigh. Or, put another way: 1 tex is the size, at which a strand or a yarn of length 1 km weighs 1 g. 1 tex = 1 g/km.
Formula: 1.000 : Nm = tex
Example: A single yarn is Nm 40 (40 m weigh 1 g). A 1.000-meter-long yarn of this size therefore weighs: 1.000 m : 40 = 25 g. Its designation is 25 tex.

Ticket number – No. / Tkt.
The ticket number is universally utilized as the description for the thickness of a sewing thread, normally using the abbreviations No. or Tkt. or No./Tkt. In fact the ticket number is a development of the Nm, but does not inform about the folding number. It is not apparent, from how many individual threads the ply-yarn has been produced. “No.” or “Tkt.”.
Example: Mara 120 = No./Tkt. 120 = 25 tex

Metric counting – Nm
Number metric with the symbol Nm informs about how many meters of a single yarn weigh 1 gram.
Example: Nm 120/1 – i.e.: 120 m weigh 1 g

English cotton count – NeB
Sewing yarns made of cotton are classified according to the English cotton-count system, with the abbreviation NeB. The NeB reveals how many hanks, each of length 840 yards (768,08 m) weigh one lb (English pound = 451,59 g).
Formula: NeB = Number of hanks à 840 yds / 1b
Example: 60 hanks of cotton yarn, that weigh 1 English pound, give the NeB 60.
Known value   Desired value
    tex Nm NeB
tex tex 1.000/tex 590/tex
Metric count Nm 1.000/Nm 0,59 x Nm
English cotton count NeB 590/NeB 1.693 x NeB