Technical Textiles are the pinnacle of threads and twisted yarns. Threads used for the production of technical textiles must provide optimum safety and, above all, convince through their high durability under extreme loads. Our Technical Textiles threads have been developed for the toughest challenges. For more safety and protection of people and the environment. Thus, our product range includes special threads for the production of filters, belts, big bags and parachutes. Depending on the field of application, however, different requirements are placed on the thread properties: Whether high heat resistance, silicone-free finishing, abrasion and durability or acid and alkali resistance - we offer you the optimum sewing threads, tailored to your needs.


Pure air, clean water: Modern filter technology accomplishes what has long been unimaginable – it transforms polluted industrial areas into clean cities, turns oil-contaminated rivers into clear waters, and converts acrid waste gases into pure air. As such, sewing threads for industrial filters have to be extremely adaptable. And this over a long period of time, as corrosive chemicals, oil, permanent moisture and gases at temperatures of up to 250 °C represent real challenges for textile filters. In order for them to be able to perform even under extreme conditions, their seams must be highly robust and hold together under all circumstances.

Whether for filter mats, pocket filters or HEPA filters. Whether wet or dry filtration: our special sewing threads have been specially developed for these complex applications.

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Big Bags Technical Textiles sewing threadBig bags mostly consist of PE or PP fabrics. Typically, big bags are used to transport heavy objects. Often you see big bags on construction sites, to be able to transport bulk materials, stones and waste.

Big bags are usually sewn with a standard lockstitch. Our threads made of polypropylene or polyacrylic are ideally suited to securely sew big bags.

lashing strap technical textiles sewing threadBelts of all kinds have a common trait: They must not tear. Safety must be maintained with every use and under any circumstances. The right combination of belt material and sewing thread ensures your safety. Continuous filament threads made of polyamide are the first choice. With their high tensile strength, they ensure high seam stability.

Our product recommendation: Zwibond, Zwilon

parachute technical textiles sewing threadA safe parachute landing is ensured by the construction and the used material of the parachute. Today, most parachutes are made of polyamide fabric. The advantages of polyamide are very good tensile strength and load-bearing capacity, which makes it possible to produce light, thin and breathable fabrics. In addition, polyamide is hydrophobic, i.e. largely water-repellent due to its basic chemical structure. With our IATF 16949:2016 certified polyamide sewing threads Zwibond (inner-bonded), Zwilon and Amifil, we offer special yarns that are perfectly suited for all safety-relevant requirements of parachutes.

Please note that the recommendations given are based on general experience, which may vary in individual cases depending on the respective application and the materials used. For individual technical sewing advice on specific applications or other A&E Gütermann products not mentioned here, please contact our knowledgeable specialists via