Technical Textiles are the premium class of threads, as they need to be durable under extreme stresses. These threads are specially designed to be safe in the toughest environments. Our product range includes special sewing threads for use in filters and separators or belts. Depending on the application area, the required product characteristics vary from high heat resistance, silicon-free equipment, abrasion and durability to acid and alkali resistance - for all these requirements, we offer you suitable sewing threads.

Big Bags Technical Textiles sewing threadBig bags mostly consist of PE or PP fabrics. Typically, big bags are used to transport heavy objects. Often you see big bags on construction sites, to be able to transport bulk materials, stones and waste.

Big bags are usually sewn with a standard lockstitch.
Our threads made of polypropylene or polyacrylic are ideally suited to securely sew big bags.
Filter-technical_textiles-sewing_threadFilter Technical Textiles sewing threadFilter Technical Textiles sewing threadfilter Technical Textiles sewing thread

Special sewing threads are required for use in air or liquid filters. These threads generally need to be silicone-free, durable and resistant to acids and alkalis.
Our sewing threads, made of polypropylene or polyacrylic as well as Poly/Poly SF and PTFE offer these properties and would be most suitable.
lashing strap technical textiles sewing threadBelts of all kinds have a common trait: They must not tear. Safety must be maintained with every use and under any circumstances. The right combination of belt material and sewing thread ensures your safety. Continuous filament threads made of polyamide are the first choice. With their high tensile strength, they ensure high seam stability. Our product recommendation: Zwibond, Zwilon

parachute technical textiles sewing threadWhen you jump out of an airplane, you want your parachute to open dependably in order to safely return to Earth. A safe landing is ensured by the construction and the special materials used to manufacture the parachute. Nowadays, most parachutes are made from a polyamide fabric. The key attribute of polyamide is the superior tear strength and load bearing capacity, which makes it possible to produce thin and lightweight fabrics. In addition, polyamide is hydrophobic, due to its basic chemical structure. A&E Gütermann offers with Zwibond (inner-bonded), Zwilon and Amifil sewing threads, which are perfectly suited for use in parachutes. Sewing threads for safety-relevant applications are tested and certified according to IATF 16949:2016.