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Thread Guide

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To professional seams: Our Thread Guide has the right thread for every seam. Discover our diverse range of products.

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Image Brochure

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Safety, function, and aesthetics. These are the standards by which we measure our products. Our goal: a sewing thread is suitable and flawless for you.

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Elevate Textiles Brochure

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Taking textiles to a whole new level: A&E Gütermann, a part of Elevate Textiles, Inc.

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Sustainability Report

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We strive continously to improve our performance in key areas of environmental sustainability, while acting transparently and ethically. We annually document our progress in our Sustainability Report.

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Whether women‘s or men‘s clothing – elegant seams create sovereign appearances and provide diversity. A&E Gütermann offers premium sewing threads for high-quality closing, holding, decorative and overlock seams and for buttonholes.

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Shoes and accessories

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Our extensive range of high-quality sewing threads offers the ideal sewing thread for all varying leather surfaces, for every type of shoe and shoe manufacturing.

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MCT leaflet

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Micro Core Technology®: Threads for most beautiful seams

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Denim – strong threads for a strong fabric

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Denim is allowed to live and become damaged. But the seams must hold. Our denim threads are therefore highly robust.

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