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Sewing thread for airbags

A&E Gütermann offers an extensive product range of safety-related sewing threads for airbags.

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Sewing threads for vehicle safety

During the explosive deployment of an airbag, the material is subjected to extreme stresses, which also applies to sewing threads and seams.

Maximum safety and functionality in accordance with prescribed quality standards are the top priority for our yarns.

A thread in an airbag must withstand…

  • Airbag Kräfte

    … the forces of many thousands of centinewtons.

  • Airbag hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit

    … several hundred degrees Celsius.

  • Airbag hohe Geschwindigkeit

    … a speed of approx. 300 km/h when deploying.


Our products meet the highest requirements:

  • tear-resistant
  • seam strength
  • stretchy and elastic
  • temperature resistance over many years
  • suitable for multi-directional sewing of dense tissue layers
  • uniform bonding, preparation and winding

Compliance with the highest safety standards

As a safety-related product, our sewing threads are subject to the strictest quality controls. Our sewing threads therefore undergo controlled production processes in compliance with the highest standards. Our quality assurance process covers the entire value chain – for maximum safety in the vehicle.


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Certified quality management

Our sewing threads are safe to use both in processing and in the final application. Suppliers must also comply with the relevant requirements in order to ensure cooperation in accordance with our standards. We voluntarily undertake the obligation to be regularly audited and evaluated by independent, external certification bodies.

We are certified according to:

  • quality management system of the automotive sector IATF 16949:2016
  • quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Airbag threads during processing

One of the biggest challenges for airbag threads is the multi-directional stitching of multiple layers of very thick fabric, during which the sewing thread must not become untwisted. This is a challenge even when a 2-needle machine is used.

For a perfect airbag seam, a bonded sewing thread is usually used as the upper thread and an unbonded sewing thread as the looper thread. The upper thread must be sewn through the dense and multi-layered fabric of the airbag and must be able to withstand heavy stresses. Bonding prevents the thread from untwisting. Bonded sewing threads remain sealed and prevent the hook tip from tearing through them.