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Wetterbeständige Nahtlösungen für Outdoor

Weather-resistant seam solutions for outdoor

External influences such as sun, wind, snow or rain place the highest demands on sewing threads.

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Nähfäden für Outdoorjacken und Zelte

For all applications

Conventional sewing threads lose their properties over time under the influence of UV radiation, salt water and other weather conditions. Our weatherproof sewing threads and yarns for outdoor use can withstand the toughest stresses for years.
We offer weatherproof sewing threads for all applications: Whether sewing threads for sun protection, upholstered furniture, tents, sails, boat covers or marquees. Or for sewing light and heavy fabrics, as well as challenging materials.


Benefits of our products

Our seam solutions impress with their colour fastness, tear resistance, durability, wear resistance and elongation values. The secret of their success lies in their special design and workmanship – which means they are one step ahead of comparable competing products.

Water repellent

Outdoor applications are exposed to rain and moisture without protection. With water-repellent protective properties, our products offer the optimal basis for dense seams.

One of our products is Mara REPEL. The water-repellent effect of the sewing thread is proven by the methylene blue test. The capillary/wicking effect is used to measure the water-repellent properties of the specially designed thread. Mara REPEL shows no rise after two hours compared to the non-repellent alternative.

Color fastness / UV resistance

Our sewing threads are dyed with special dyes and a special finishing method. Thanks to this special colouring, our threads are UV-resistant and retain their colour for years even under intense radiation – without fading or discolouration.


Dimensional stability & tear resistance

Our sewing threads are tear-resistant and dimensionally stable thanks to bonding or thermal settings. The threads lie stably in the seam – without shrinking or warping. The light-resistance technology used reduces the loss of stability and also provides water-repellent properties.


Tested quality

In close cooperation with the Institute for Textile and Process Technology Denkendorf (ITV), our products have been tested for UV and seawater resistance. In a specially developed test, the ITV Denkendorf subjected filament bundles and seam samples to weathering, which simulated a southern European Mediterranean climate over a period of 5 years. The result: even after intense UV radiation and exposure to seawater, our sewing threads have significantly better values in terms of tear strength and colour fastness than high-quality comparable products.