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Nähfäden für Bekleidung

Sewing threads for apparel

Whether women‘s or men‘s clothing – elegant seams create sovereign appearances and provide diversity. A&E Gütermann offers premium sewing threads for high-quality closing, holding, decorative and overlock seams and for buttonholes.

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Bekleidung HAKA

Sewing thread in premium quality

The sewing thread determines the quality of our fabrics and is a decisive factor in determining the appearance of our sewn products. Everything must be right, especially in smart garments such as suits, vests or blouses.

Our premium sewing thread is absolutely reliable on automatic sewing machines, ensures perfect closing and holding seams with its high tear and rub resistance and impresses with its silky appearance.

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The advantages of our products at a glance:

  • extremely tear- and rub-resistant
  • dust-free and lint-free processing
  • fine cross-section for particularly smooth seams
  • semi-transparent
  • optimal colour matching
  • extremely elastic
  • silky appearance

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A&E Gütermann offers you the perfect sewing thread for every seam position:

Overlock and blindstitch seams

Semi-transparent threads are ideal for overlocking, trimming and padding. Even if the thread shows through once in the blindstitch and appears on the front, it hardly stands out because it has a high colour matching.

Lining work

We offer numerous functionally and visually outstanding solutions for typical lining work with double lockstitches, double chain stitches and overlocking seams: resistant sewing threads that are machine-proof and can also be optimally sewn with thin needles of thickness NM 65.

Closing and holding devices

Our sewing thread is absolutely machine-proof, ensures perfect closing and holding seams with its high tear and abrasion resistance, which withstand high usage loads.

Overlocking, trimming, padding

Not every sewing thread is visible and not every thread should be visible. We give you the full range of options. Our semi-transparent polyester sewing threads are particularly suitable for seam and blind-stitch work. They are extremely fine and have very high colour matching. This keeps colour changes to a minimum and prevents seam marks during ironing.

Nähfaden-Guide DOB

Elegant seams for women’s clothing

For a selection of ladies’ wear applications, the sewing thread guide for ladieswear will help you choose the optimum sewing thread solution.

Nähfäden für Herrenbekleidung

Stylish seams for men’s clothing

The sewing thread guide menswear will help you select the optimum sewing thread solution.