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Sewing threads for home textiles

Whether mattress, bed linen, cushions, carpet, bath textiles, curtains or drapes – sewing threads for home textiles from A&E Gütermann are particularly tear-resistant, rub- and abrasion-resistant.

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Design meets functionality

Home textiles provide comfort & cosiness inside your own home. Home textiles are a decorative element but also have a practical benefit. The sewing threads used must be both functionally impressive as well as meet visual requirements.


Our product advantages at a glance:

  • Reißfestigkeit

    tear-, rub- and abrasion-resistant

  • Gute Schnittkantenabdeckung

    good cutting edge coverage

  • Weiche, abdeckende Nähte

    soft, covering seams

  • Staub- und Flusenfrei

    dust-free and lint-free in processing


Our sewing thread for every material

Various materials are used for manufacturing home textiles: synthetic fibres (polyester, polyamide, rayon), natural fibres (silk, linen, cotton) or their blends. All of these materials must meet the requirements for properties such as ease of care and wear resistance. Material, needle, sewing thread and machine setting must be precisely coordinated with each other.

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Durable and long-lasting home textiles

As with our clothes, home textiles should enhance the home and highlight a very special style. They provide a comfortable atmosphere and add an extra layer of cosiness: curtains in fresh colours in the living room, bed linen in cuddly fabric in the bedroom and a beautifully embroidered cushion on the sofa. At the same time, they also fulfill important functions. Mattresses and bed linen are intended to warm up in cold temperatures but at the same time balance out heat. Upholstered furniture for outdoor use must be UV-resistant and waterproof. Common to all these is the use of sewing thread, whose high functionality and longevity as well as attractive appearance must be impressive.


High-quality sewing threads for a wide range of requirements


Choosing the right mattress depends not only on the material, but also on the sewing thread. We work with renowned mattress manufacturers worldwide.

Sewing threads from A&E Gütermann are particularly impressive for their reliability and durability, as they are particularly resistant to tearing, rub resistant and abrasion resistant.

Needle thread: FILAN 60 | 80

Looper thread: Wildcat Plus® 80 | 160


From small towels to bath towels, bath textiles provide the special feel-good factor in the bathroom. Frequent and intensive washing and drying places particularly high demands on the durability of the seam.

Felled seams: MARA 100

Overlock seams: GÜTERMANN E 151

Bed linen

It’s not just a cool room temperature and a good mattress that are important for a healthy sleep. The right bedding also provides the necessary level of comfort and should be chosen carefully.

From high-quality cotton, flannelette or flannel duvet covers to lightweight microfibre fabrics: A&E Gütermann offers an attractive sewing thread solution.

Closing seams: Mara 120

Overlock seams: GÜTERMANN E 151

Home Accessories

Regardless of whether decorative cushions, curtains, carpets, or blankets: Home textiles do not only provide a cosy ambience and living comfort, but also set stylish accents in interior design.
A&E Gütermann offers sewing threads for all types and materials of home textiles.

Closing seams: Mara 120

Overlock seams: GÜTERMANN E 151