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Sewing threads for sports and activewear

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Active wear

Sewing threads for sports and activewear

Sports fashion is diverse and can range from comfortable athletic wear to high-performance functional wear. The highly elastic sewing threads from A&E Gütermann are ideal for flexible seams and impress with robust and elastic closing and decorative seams.

Sewing threads for diverse requirements

Sports and activewear must meet many requirements. While some functional fabrics focus on breathability, others need to be highly elastic or protect against wind and cold. In addition to functional aspects, sports and activewear must also meet fashion requirements.


Sports shoes

Sports shoes require tear-resistant seams that provide the necessary stability and that are not damaged by sweat or high levels of stress. Whether decorative seams, lining seams, tight seams or quilting seams, the sewing threads of A&E Gütermann guarantee not only the highest quality but also individual solutions which are specifically adjusted to the seam position and material of your choice.


The sewing of materials for swimwear requires a strong, intuitive sense of judgement. The important thing is that the seam is elastic and can stretch with the fabric. This can be achieved by selecting the right type of stitch. Elastic sewing threads can also be used. You will always be on the safe side with the solutions of A&E Gütermann.

Functional shirts

Functional shirts require elastic, tear-resistant and at the same time skin-friendly seams. With special materials and surface structures, functional shirts are designed to be ideal for the needs of athletes. In addition to a high degree of wearability and comfort, what makes these functional materials distinctive is their excellent moisture transport. Due to their high flexibility, the special sewing threads from A&E Gütermann are perfect for functional materials and guarantee the maximum freedom of movement.


Sports trousers

To guarantee a high degree of wearability and comfort, sports trousers require soft seams soft seams that do not rub and that have high elasticity and tear resistance. The highly elastic special sewing threads of A&E Gütermann are ideal for flexible seams and enable you to create robust as well as impressive closing and decorative seams.

Outdoor jacket

Outdoor activities place special demands on outdoor jackets. For rain or hard shell jackets, for example, it is important that moisture penetration through the seams is prevented. During winter activities, protection against wind and cold, as well as thermal insulation, are paramount. Down jackets are ideal for these activities. When it comes to down jackets, the perfect seam is critically important, as only the right sewing thread can prevent feathers and down from migrating through the seam.