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Seam solutions for leather

Leather is one of the oldest materials for producing clothing, shoes and furniture. Leather is individual, robust and versatile.

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The diversity of leather

As a natural product, every piece of leather is truly unique: Characteristic colour and surface textures make each piece of leather one-of-a-kind. There are numerous types of leather, from shiny and supple to wild and rough. They also differ in particular in terms of their type of use, from which animal species the leather comes and according to the type of finishing or tanning. With our high-quality sewing threads, we offer the right product solution for every type of leather.

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Threads for all leather applications

Whether apparel, shoes, handbags, upholstered furniture or the interior  of cars, leather applications are multifaceted. With our range of sewing threads, we cover the entire spectrum of leather processing.

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Function and aesthetics in harmony

When using leather, the focus is frequently on functional and safety aspects. The sewing thread used must deliver in terms of tear resistance and robustness in particular. In addition, leather products must also meet fashion and wearing comfort requirements. Sewing threads for leather must therefore be visually appealing – which is why we offer sewing threads in a variety of colours. Our sewing threads provide excellent results both visually as well as functionally!

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Sewing leather – tips & tricks

Leather has special properties in its structure, and processing it is extremely demanding. Leather is tougher than other materials and is characterised by a closed surface that is pierced during sewing. Every needle stitch therefore leaves a visible hole and the seams must be perfect straightaway! For processing, the sewing parameters – thread thickness, needle thickness and machine settings – must be optimally coordinated.

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Leather accessories

Bracelets, belts, watch straps, purses, suitcases or bags – there is a wide range of leather accessories. Our sewing threads give leather accessories a strong hold and special look.