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Sewing thread for aircraft

A&E Gütermann offers an extensive product range of reliable, tear-resistant and safety-related sewing threads for the aviation industry.

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Our product solutions for aviation

Textile components or materials such as leather are indispensable in aviation. Different types of seams are also used during processing – from holding and closing seams to ornamental and decorative seams. With the products from A&E Gütermann, you can rely on the best thread expertise.

The advantages of our sewing threads at a glance:

  • hochhitzebeständig

    thermally resistant thanks to heat-repellent preparation

  • Reißfestigkeit

    particularly tear and rub-resistant

  • gute chemische Beständigkeit



Fly safely with our sewing threads

Aircraft seats

Aircraft seats must be robust, durable and heat-resistant and at the same time comfortable and convenient. Demands are also placed on the sewing threads used. Sewing threads for aircraft seats must be very strong, durable and abrasion-resistant and at the same time visually appealing.

Safety belts

Safety belts compensate for centrifugal forces. They keep people in their seats and protect them from life-threatening injuries. In an emergency, they must be able to withstand extreme loads of up to 1.5 tonnes of tensile force. In addition to tear resistance and a certain elasticity, durability and light fastness also play an important role in the threads for seat belts.


Certified quality

In aviation and space, quality and safety are of utmost importance. With our IATF 16949:2016 certified products, we offer yarns that are perfectly suited to all safety-relevant requirements.

A&E Gütermann sewing threads meet U.S. Government specifications and are Berry Amendment Compliant.

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Sewing threads for extreme conditions

Insulating and acoustic mats

Insulating and acoustic mats provide optimum thermal insulation and noise reduction in aircraft. They prevent the roar of the engines from penetrating through the lightweight walls of the cabins. Insulating and acoustic mats are made of materials that are characterized by their heat resistance, elasticity and light weight. We offer sewing threads suitable for sewing insulating and acoustic mats.

Baggage and cargo nets

Baggage and cargo nets are exposed to extreme conditions similar to seat belts. Cargo nets are used to secure loads and prevent cargo from shifting during transport. With our tear-resistant sewing threads, your cargo will reach its destination safely.