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Sewing threads for filters and filter systems

Chemicals, oil, moisture or gases with temperatures up to 250 °C are very challenging for textile filters. A&E Gütermann offers a comprehensive product range of sewing threads.

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Extremely adaptable – a wide range of properties

Whether gas, dust, dry or liquid filter, the optimal sewing thread is subject to different requirements and properties depending on the application. Our robust special sewing threads for filters must have at least one of the following properties:

Spezialfäden für Filter
  • hochhitzebeständig

    temperature resistance

  • chemikalienbeständig

    chemical resistance

  • hydrolysebeständig

    hydrolysis resistance

  • Reissfestigkeit

    tear resistance

Our product range for filters

In over 50 % of cases, polyester is the fibre material most commonly used for filtering purposes. For extreme conditions, however, a pure polyester fibre is often insufficient. Our diverse range of products offers you the right solution for various filter applications.


For high-temperature-resistant filters

Aramid fibres are extremely resistant to heat and therefore particularly suitable for use in hot gas filtration. Our range includes everything from continuous filaments to spun sewing threads.

Product advantages at a glance:

  • high-temperature resistant
  • flame-retarding
  • can withstand up to approx. 360 °C over the short term
  • can withstand up to approx. 260 °C over the long term
  • chemical resistant to weak acids and alkalis