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Nähfäden für Schuhe

Sewing threads for shoes

Shoes come in many varieties, and the thread requirements for them are just as varied. A&E Gütermann has an extensive product range of sewing threads for shoe production and for every type of shoe.

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Sewing threads for shoe production

Shoes must meet high demands in everyday life: they should be comfortable, long-wearing and very hard-wearing, as well as withstand moisture and dirt. Our sewing threads are specially designed for the diverse requirements of shoe production: they are suitable for sewing different materials, different processing techniques and designs.


The right thread for every shoe type

Whether sports shoe, leather shoe, hiking shoe, sandal, safety shoe or elegant pump – we have the optimal sewing thread for all shoe types. Depending on the desired appearance and function, this can be particularly fine or slightly coarser.

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Functionality and design perfectly combined

There is a wide choice of materials for shoes. From leather to cotton as well as various synthetic fabrics, everything is possible – sometimes even in one shoe. In addition to the necessary cushioning, breathability and resilience, seams play a particularly important role. They must be tear-resistant and sturdy. Closing seams are often also decorative seams. This means that a seam’s functionality and stability must be impressive and also satisfy visual requirements. In order to achieve this, the parameters must be optimally coordinated with each other:

  • material
  • sewing thread
  • needle thickness and point shape
  • stitch density
  • thread tension

Our sewing threads are available in a variety of colours and give the shoe a special look.