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Workwear Feuerwehrmann

Sewing thread for PPE and workwear

Whether classic workwear, leasing or corporate wear as well as personal protective equipment – A&E Gütermann offers the perfect sewing thread solution.

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Workwear – a multifaceted garment

Workwear is one of the most important tools in many companies. It is used both for recognition and for safety. Depending upon the area of use, the seams must fulfill special protective functions: whether being extremely tear- and rub-resistant or resistant to heat, fire, chemicals or UV radiation. A&E Gütermann has the right sewing thread for all applications.

Our product advantages at a glance:

  • hochhitzebeständig

    highly heat resistant

  • gute chemische Beständigkeit

    good chemical resistance

  • Schussfest

    suitable for sewing bulletproof apparel

  • Arbeitsjacke

    tear- and rub-resistant


Sewing threads for workwear

Workwear has to do all kinds of things. Functional materials, durability, wearing comfort and design also play a major role. Special seams are required for special materials. We have therefore developed, optimised and thoroughly tested extremely robust sewing threads in our labs.

Our sewing threads are ideal for producing workwear that is exposed to enzymatic and chemical treatments. They are suitable for multi-directional sewing and are available in a wide range of colours.

Nähfäden für Arbeitsbekleidung

Safety first with our sewing threads

Your workwear products keep workplaces safe, protect against injuries, increase productivity and allow employees and employers alike to focus on their work. We want to provide you with the best possible support – with sewing threads
that meet your expectations completely in terms of quality, functionality and comfort.


Sustainable workwear

Sustainable workwear is made from environmentally friendly materials. Recycled polyester is a part of sustainable workwear. PET bottles are processed for recycled polyester. Thanks to the highest quality of the recycled sewing threads from A&E Gütermann, the yarn properties cannot be distinguished from the sewing threads made of conventional polyester.

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Aramide Schweisser

Play it safe with personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) requires a broad spectrum of functional solutions. Tear and rub resistance, an anti-static function as well as a very high level of heat resistance are especially important properties. These are supplemented by special requirements for safety and protection, for example, cut-resistant and bulletproof workwear, heat and flame protection apparel, as well as ABC protective apparel.

Persönliche Schutzkleidung

For cut-resistant and bulletproof workwear

The key to cut-resistant and bulletproof workwear are materials that offer a high degree of wearing comfort and at the same time have cut-resistant properties. Splinter protection and a high degree of tear and rub resistance are also necessary. We recommend our special thread Aneguard using Kevlar® for this purpose. Manufactured of 100 % spun p-aramid, it is resilient to 490 °C for short periods, doesn’t melt and is self-extinguishing. It is thus exceptionally well-suited for sewing gloves, leg protection and bulletproof apparel, such as military and police vests as well as protective apparel.


Solution for anti-static shoes

We have developed our anti-static sewing threads especially for anti-static shoes. Due to the conductive components, static charges are prevented and electrical currents are diverted.

Nähfäden für PSA

For heat and flame-protective apparel

Wherever reliable performance and safety are the priorities, our aramid threads are the best choice. They are used when sewing threads must perform mainly due to high heat resistance, low flammability and good chemical resistance against weak acids and alkalis. Aramid fibres do not melt. They are self-extinguishing and their decomposition temperature starts at over 360 °C.