More colours for threads and seams

For every type of application, A&E Gütermann is able to provide a wide range of sewing threads with an impressive selection of fantastic colours. Hundreds of colour shades in strikingly constant high quality underline the effect you wish to achieve.
Whether the seam should be the same shade as the material used or is intended to set optical accents, you receive your thread in the optimum colour shade - appropriate for the respective season.
We offer you:
  • Shade cards: We offer a custom colour composition for each product, available upon request
  • Colour matching: We will match your colours for you. On the base of your colour samples we will create your specific colour. Send us any type of physical sample or a digital file, such as: QTX.
  • Colorlink: Use our Colorlink app to find the matching colour in our colour archive. Detailed information can be found here:
  • Trend shades: Trend shades for all seasons can be downloaded here