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For UV-resistant seams

Solbond is tailored to the demands of outdoor applications. Solbond is characterised by colour fastness, high tear strength and outstanding elongation values, whilst maintaining high adhesive quality.

Material / Raw material

100 % polyester

Thread construction

continuous filament outside bonded

Product advantages

  • UV-stable
  • particularly colourfast
  • seawater resistant
  • tear- and abrasion-resistant
  • optimum sewability
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Thread count


nm 120 (for example) means: 1 thread of 120 m length weighs 1 g. I.e. the higher the number, the finer the thread!

Use our Textile Unit Calculator to calculate units quickly and accurately!


Select a thread size to see the available lengths.

Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583553 10 250 2500(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583561 20 150 1500(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583570 30 100 1000(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583588 40 75 750(3)

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UV-resistant and colourfast sewing threads

Our sewing threads are dyed with special dyes and a special finishing method. Thanks to this special dyeing, our threads are UV-resistant and retain their colour for years even under intense irradiation – without fading or discoloration.