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Anefil Nylon bonded

Anefil Nylon Bonded

For particularly robust seams

Anefil Nylon Bonded is an outside bonded continuous filament and is ideal for closing and topstitching seams for upholstered furniture, luggage, handbags, shoes and sports equipment.

Material / Raw material

100 % polyamide

Thread construction

continuous filament outside bonded

Product advantages

  • tear and abrasion resistant
  • optimum stretching properties for uniform and durable seams
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Thread count


nm 120 (for example) means: 1 thread of 120 m length weighs 1 g. I.e. the higher the number, the finer the thread!

Use our Textile Unit Calculator to calculate units quickly and accurately!


Select a thread size to see the available lengths.

Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
709028 20 135 1350(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
709022 40 70 700(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
709021 60 45 450(2)

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