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Mara rPET

Mara rPET

For 100 % recycled seams

Mara rPET ist ein nachhaltiger Nähfaden aus 100 % recyceltem Polyester. Mara rPET wird mit der einzigartigen Micro Core Technology® (MCT) hergestellt.

Material / Raw material

100 % polyester recycled

Thread construction

MCT® (Micro Core Technology)

Product advantages

  • made from recycled polyester
  • sewable like our classic Mara
  • unique manufacturing technology with MCT®
  • fine cross-section for particularly smooth seams
  • sewable with constant sewing tensions
  • dust-free and lint-free processing
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Thread count


nm 120 (for example) means: 1 thread of 120 m length weighs 1 g. I.e. the higher the number, the finer the thread!

Use our Textile Unit Calculator to calculate units quickly and accurately!


Select a thread size to see the available lengths.

Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708518 11 265 2650(4)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708479 15 200 2000(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708437 30 100 1000(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708470 50 60 600(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708473 70 40 400(3)
708474 70 40 400(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
708467 120 25 250(2)
708468 120 25 250(2)

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Nachhaltige Bekleidung


Recycelte Produkte

Why 100 % recycled threads?

The quality of our recycled sewing threads is comparable to our non-recycled ones, making them a viable alternative to our traditional thread assortment. Our 100 % recycled thread assortment is REACH compliant as well as certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

High tear resistance

Recycling is a process of reusing raw materials - the material has therefore already been used once. Nevertheless, our recycled products are in no way inferior to the original materials in terms of quality. Mara rPET offers the best sewing properties and tear resistance, which are on a par with non-recycled thread.

Color comparison Mara rPET vs. Mara

Like our original products, we also offer our threads made from recycled polyester in a wide range of colours. The recycled raw material is darker than the non-recycled material. Thanks to our dyeing expertise, however, the colour difference in the dyed thread is minimal.