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Tera fein

Tera fine

For seams that are almost invisible

Tera fine is a sewing thread that is designed to meet the needs of high-quality cut-edge serging of fine fabrics, decorative and blind-stitch work and safety seams.

Material / Raw material

100 % polyester

Thread construction

continuous filament

Product advantages

  • optimum colour matching
  • fewer colour changes
  • abrasion-resistant
  • no seam marks
  • suitable as needle and looper thread
  • completely machine-safe
  • very fine and thin seams
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Thread count


nm 120 (for example) means: 1 thread of 120 m length weighs 1 g. I.e. the higher the number, the finer the thread!

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Select a thread size to see the available lengths.

Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
704172 180 16 160(2)
704180 180 16 160(2)
704199 180 16 160(2)

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Tera fein Naht


  • apparel
  • home textiles
  • high-quality serging of cut edges of fine fabrics
  • safety seams
  • staffing and pricking work

Certified quality

The production of our sewing threads and the quality of the materials we use comply with strict European regulations. Our production is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. A&E Gütermann voluntarily undertakes to be regularly audited and evaluated by independent external certification bodies.