The perfect workwear? Provides optimal protection, fits perfectly – and even looks good. However, regardless of whether classic workwear, leasing or corporate wear, as well as personal protective equipment: the expectations for quality, functionality and comfort are especially high for workwear and protective clothing. The robust garments ultimately have to withstand a lot. They have to be longlasting and must convince through an appealing look.


Special fabrics require special seams. Seams where there can be no compromises. We have therefore developed, optimised and thoroughly tested extremely robust sewing threads in our laboratories. Our workwear sewing threads not only score with a beautiful appearance, but especially convince through their functionality.


Perma_Core_spool-for_jeans_and_heavy-duty_seamsOur highly tear- and abrasion resistant core spun thread made of 100% polyester is exceptionally well-suited for seams subject to great stresses: Perma Core® is ideal for the production of workwear that is subjected to enzymatic and chemical treatments, is also suitable for multi-directional sewing and comes in a wide range of colours.

D-Core spool for heavy-duty seamsIts core, made of polyester, makes our D-Core® core spun thread extraordinarily tear-resistant. The cotton wrap enables high sewing speeds. D-Core® is exceptionally well-suited for workwear that is subjected to enzymatic and chemical  treatments.

Wildcat Plus®Wildcat Plus® is a textured sewing thread of 100 % polyester. It is perfectly suited for soft cutting edge coverage and serging. We have specifically developed this soft sewing thread for a pleasant wearing comfort. Thus, it is ideally suited for seams that come into direct contact with the skin.

Perma Core® FR is a core spun thread of 100 % polyester with an inherent flame-retarding protection. When used, this sewing thread guarantees excellent flame retardancy due to limited flame spread. It also doesn't wash out.

Anefil Reflector for decorative and reflective overlock and overedging seams. The reflective core reflects the light back to the light source and thus ensures improved visibility.

Super Brite Polyester® with brilliant colours for enduring embroidery.

A&E Gütermann offers a wide range of seam solutions for workwear


Play it safe: Personal protective equipment requires a broad spectrum of functional solutions.

Aneguard using Kevlar spool for heat-resistant seamsWe recommend our special sewing thread Aneguard using Kevlar®, which thanks to its high strength, is ideal for this use. Manufactured of 100% spun p-aramid, it can withstand up to 490 °C for short periods, doesn't melt and is self-extinguishing. This makes it ideal for sewing gloves, leg protection and bulletproof apparel, such as military and police vests, as well as protective clothing.

Wherever reliable performance and safety are the priorities, our aramid threads are the best choice. They are used when sewing threads must perform mainly due to high heat resistance, low flammability and good chemical resistance against light acids and alkalis. Aramid fibres do not melt. They are self-extinguishing and their decomposition temperature starts at over 360 °C.

Our range of Aramid fibres:

Antistatik spool for conductive seamsWe have developed our Antistatik sewing thread especially for antistatic shoes. Due to the conductive components, static charges are prevented and electrical currents are diverted.

Please note that the recommendations given are based on general experience, which may vary in individual cases depending on the respective application and the materials used. For individual technical sewing advice on specific applications or other A&E Gütermann products not mentioned here, please contact our knowledgeable specialists via