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Calora rPET

Calora rPET

Recycled sewing thread for automotive

Calora rPET made from recycled polyester is specially tailored to the demands of the automotive industry. The use of high tenacity materials ensures seam durability even in conditions of continuous stress.

Material / Raw material

100 % polyester

Thread construction

continuous filament

Product advantages

  • made from recycled polyester filament
  • hot light-proof dyed
  • optimum sewability
  • controlled stretching through thermo-fixing process
  • high durability of the seam even under long-term stress
  • silk-like sheen, excellent for visible seams and decorative embroidery work
  • knot-free despite long running length
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Thread count


nm 120 (for example) means: 1 thread of 120 m length weighs 1 g. I.e. the higher the number, the finer the thread!

Use our Textile Unit Calculator to calculate units quickly and accurately!


Select a thread size to see the available lengths.

Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
586472.X 15 210 2.100(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583530.X 20 150 1500(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583651.X 30 90 900(3)
Make-up Article no. NO./TKT. Tex Dtex
583732.X 40 75 750(3)

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  • automotive
  • retaining, closing, fell and decorative seams for head rests
  • fell and decorative seams for leather seats and steering wheels
  • retaining and decorative seams as well as bobbin thread for armrests and centre console

Certified quality

The production of our sewing threads and the quality of the materials we use, comply with the strict European regulations. Thus, our quality management system becomes regularly certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Our sewing threads are flawless in processing as well as in the final use of them because our suppliers also comply with the defined specifications in order to guarantee our standards when working with us. To meet all aspects of these requirements in full, A&E Gütermann voluntarily undertakes to be regularly inspected and evaluated by independent external certification institutes.